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Kevin Chappell - Principal Director


Prior to setting up talentnow! I spent nearly fifteen years as Managing Director of a high profile and respected group of recruitment companies, Executive Taskforce, which had a strong market presence. I sold the company in 2006 and under this new ownership, the company went into liquidation in 2009.

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I spent many years with recruitment organisations in Australia and New Zealand, a total of more than 30 years industry experience. In the mid-1980's, I saw a gap in the market and pioneered the concept of professional contracting (then called executive leasing) in New Zealand and led a strong market change to adopt a new way of staffing organisations with flexible resource.

I think "outside of the square" - it is one of today's requirements to be successful - and through this type of thinking, introduced new services such as recruitment on a time and materials basis and other innovations that have now become mainstream in the recruitment sector. I utilised radio as a medium to promote my previous company very successfully. People still remember years later some of the stories and the message.

In an industry usually plagued by high turnover, I was able to establish relationships that endure today - John for one. I also recognised that there are two "customers" - clients and candidates - and introduced general registration of candidates well in advance of what is now standard industry practice.

I established talentnow! in recognition of the increasing skill shortage in New Zealand's fast growth regional areas (and because I couldn't operate in Auckland post sale), with the view of developing it into a fully fledged national recruitment business with North and South Island representation. We have achieved this and introduced a new philosophy to recruitment - fair value supported by highly experienced and "aligned thinking" Associates. This has been instrumental in our success in securing a place on the All-of-Government panel.

I'm very proud to have some of New Zealand's most experienced recruitment professionals to work alongside.

John Keesing - Consulting Associate


I entered the recruitment industry in 1997 with a specialist professional contracting firm established by Kevin. I'm a qualified Accountant with a Diploma in Business (Finance).

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On being accepted into the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand I joined KPMG in London for a two-year stint doing auditing work mixed with the compulsory overseas experience. Accepting a senior accounting role for Ford Motor Company in Bermuda, I had responsibility for the co-ordination of a major part of Ford's worldwide insurance coverage. After several years I joined an independent management company on the island and managed the insurance, reinsurance, and treasury functions of several large captive companies for large US corporations - including a pool of Fortune 500 companies with difficult to insure casualty risks.

Returning to New Zealand I enjoyed a 10-year period with major New Zealand office equipment companies Fuji Xerox and Blue Star Group. My roles included National Administration Manager at Fuji Xerox with special responsibility for the finance company. I was then approached by the owners of Blue Star Group and became General Manager of the Groups finance company - a position I held until early 1997 when I joined the recruitment industry.

My focus is on providing relationship based solutions to the recruitment process and to seek to ensure lasting outcomes for both clients and candidates. I am a specialist in the recruitment of both permanent staff and professional contracting talent in the areas of HR, finance and administration, logistics, sales and marketing, project and general management. And I believe I'm effective in the range of positions from support staff to GM/CEO.

Murray Carter - Consulting Associate


Welcome to the Mainland! It's great to be part of a company blazing a new trail in cost effective and value for money recruitment. I reckon we must be the most experienced "young" recruitment company in New Zealand!

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Speaking of experience, I've spent ten years in HR, recruiting great people for great companies in Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch.

In Auckland I was National Sales Manager for the largest recruitment company on the planet managing a sales budget of $45m culminating in the total staffing for the Americas Cup 2000. It was also a privilege to serve for four years on the Board of the Sales and Marketing Institute.

In the 80's I completed a post graduate Diploma in Business Administration at the University of Canterbury and spent four years as a Business Consultant working with the owners of small to medium sized businesses advising on succession planning - developing exit strategies from the business. This has given me real insights into the challenges of business ownership and the critical importance of having the right people in the right positions on your "bus" as Jim Collins calls it in his highly recommended book on business management; "From Good to Great".

And for all you wonderful Southern people, I'm one of you! Brought up in St Clair, Dunedin and an Old Boy of Kings High School...

In talking to business owners and senior managers one thing is plain, the second decade of the 21st Century will be radically different to the first. "Productivity", "Cost Effectiveness" (read that as "Value for Money"), and "Accountability" are words that I hear used frequently. The same goes for us in the way we work with our clients and candidates. Lean, value add, and very results driven you could say...

We are getting more and more clients and candidates contacting us via Skype and are finding it a great way to meet "face-to-face". It's just one of the ways we connect across the country in a way to deliver outstanding service to both clients and candidates.

Inge Chappell - Director, Strategic Projects


I began my career in the recruitment industry in 1996, working as a Marketing Consultant to Morgan & Banks.

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After gaining my degree in marketing and international business, I extended my experience in the professional services sector working in the non-for-profit, telecommunications and travel sectors as a Marketing Services Specialist before joining Kevin in his group of recruitment companies, where I held the position of Marketing Manager and subsequently Marketing Director.

Today, I'm responsible for strategic projects related to the development of the business. These include areas such as web development and related services to the business. Alongside this, I am an established Jewellery Designer and Glass Artist developing a completely new area of business.

Richard Gladwell - Consulting Associate


I am a Consulting Associate in the Auckland Region. My specialisation is in IT and I have "joined forces" with Kevin and his team to strengthen this all important category.

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I have in excess of 25 years' experience in IT contracting and recruitment, working for both multi-national and NZ owned companies. For ten years I worked for a large NZ owned software development and support company running a large contracting team. InfoTech Consulting has a number of long-standing relationships with major Auckland based corporate and consulting companies.

I support the talentnow! philosophy of offering a high value low cost business model that demystifies the unnecessary complications that the rest of our sector seems to subscribe to, and can offer a high level of experience that only my extensive experience can bring.

Rowan Larsen - Associate - AoG Specialist


I am very pleased to have joined talentnow! as an Associate providing specialist recruitment and related services support for the Government sector within the specified terms of the All-of-Government agreement.

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I studied law at Auckland University taking an OE study break with my wife prior to my final year. Upon return, and discovering the beginning of our family was on its way, necessity prompted me to embark on a different career path.

I established a business in the garment industry supplying casual wear to well-known NZ retail chains as well as producing promotional item such as sports bags for both major breweries and Fay Richwhite's Americas Cup Challenge. The company operated successfully for 12 years until overseas competition forced a restructure and sale of the business.

With a specific plan to re-enter the corporate world, I joined Morgan and Banks in 1997. Progressing from being the organisation's top consultant I went on to spearhead an Australasian Account Management Project as part of the rebranded TMP Worldwide in 2003-4. I spent the last 5 years of my 12 years in total at Hudson Global Resources (as it was eventually rebranded a second time) as the manager of the Accounting and Finance Contracting team.

Upon leaving Hudson in 2009 I established my own HR support services consultancy which was engaged to assist with the Auckland Council transition project and which I still manage outside of my specialist role at talentnow!

Helen Burns - Associate UK/Europe

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I'm based in London and provide a unique opportunity for talentnow! clients to connect with the largest relevant talent pool in the world! And I know this business, having been in it predominantly for the last 23 years.

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I started my career as a Temporaries Consultant for a leading private New Zealand business. After a break to travel, and trying a couple of other sectors, I returned to the recruitment industry in 1993 in the role of Major Accounts Manager for a major international, working with preferred supplier and key clients, prior to being promoted to Auckland Branch Manager.

Following this role, I met Kevin Chappell, joining Executive Taskforce as a Professional Contracting Consultant, before moving to the sister company, The Recruiters as General Manager, specialising in executive level permanent work.

Personal circumstances took me to Wellington, where I joined New Zealand's largest independent Finance and Accounting specialist recruitment company, in a variety of roles, culminating in running a branch for them.

For the past 10 years I have owned New Zealand's largest specialist business placing recruitment professionals into both agency and corporate HR teams. The business was successfully licenced out some years ago and sold to the licence holder.

In 2011, I moved to London, to undertake a Masters in Acting at East 15 Acting School. Recently I followed a dream and qualified as an actor, and alongside this sporadic work, I am now working as a specialist Executive Recruiter on a project by project basis.

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