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Career Transition & Outplacement Programmes

Benefits for Organisations & Employees

Organisational change often takes a fundamental, emotional and physical toll on its people. our Career Transition ("CT") division informs, facilitates and provides a positive platform to transition through change effectively.

We offer one-on-one sessions and workshops in the following key areas:


  • Assisting staff through change brought on by the implementation of a new system, downsizing, upsizing, takeover or new ownership, restructure, off shore developments, or a branch or division closure.
  • Helping to engage staff into a "new" company structure.
  • Independent focused advice from outside the organisation, allowing employees to confidentially discuss issues and ramifications of change.


  • Non-performing employees where there is a requirement for attitude change.
  • Coping with personal or work related difficulties.
  • Identify talented employees and how to engage them in a way where they remain onboard or leave with the door open to come back.


  • Coping with redundancy personally.
  • How those affected by redundancy should communicate with family and friends.
  • How managers should tell the redundancy story to those directly affected and those employees remaining.

Leadership development

  • Leadership development of Managers through times of change.
  • Assisting Managers to communicate the right messages to staff during change. What should they be saying and what should they not be saying?

Career planning & management

  • Career succession planning for employees - where are the opportunities?
  • Retirement planning - for staff 45 years of age plus and how the company can support future career decisions.

talentnow! CT is independent, and seen as such by staff, and is not part of the change or problem enforced by management. We have nationwide coverage, ensuring the same message is delivered consistently to all staff, with necessary adjustments for each regional area and staff make-up.

Branch Closure

A branch warehouse in Whangarei employing 92 staff was closed. The cost to the client company was $128,000, or around $1400 per person). The company achieved no Personal Grievances, all staff received updated CV's, interview and job search support. The company was able to successfully close the branch over a 3 month period retaining key staff and retaining their brand as a caring employer in the local community.

Employee Retention & Transition

  1. A major Bank's key investment banker was disheartened with his career and his direction. The Bank did not want to lose his valuable expertise. talentshift was able to realign his motivations and commitment to the Bank and he has remained with the Bank subsequently a much happier employee.
  2. An Advertising company had a successful Portfolio Manager who was threatening to leave and take clients with her due to changes in responsibility and reporting structure. talentshift was able to identify positive aspects of the change and allow the staff member to re-evaluate her position within the organisation. She remains with the company as a much more positive staff member.
  3. A corporate National Sales Manager was made redundant after 12 years with the company through divisional restructure, in a declining sector. He was transitioned from a very negative attitude to the company and coached as to his desired direction, which had become more of the same. He secured a General Management role within four months of the redundancy and took his career in a new direction.

Company moves offshore

The administration functions of this company moved to Sydney, and all accounting and administration roles in NZ were made redundant. talentnow! CT was able to ensure that up until the final day, staff in NZ proactively supported the transition of information to Sydney, and whilst not happy about the effect on them personally, they felt part of the change.

For more information on our talent transition solutions, please contact Kevin Chappell on 0295-974739 and we will introduce you to our partners in this area.


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