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Our skills-based Recovery Register will put help where it's needed for business recovery. We have established it to help businesses recover more quickly once the Covid-19 lockdown is removed.

The Recovery Register has its genesis in first-hand experience of our team in previous periods of business and economic upheaval - including the fall out of the 1987 sharemarket crash, 9/11 and the Global Financial Crisis - when having immediate access to specific skill sets often meant the difference between success and further hardship, or possibly failure.

The reason why we moved early is to be able to identify and access the skills that will be needed in the new business environment so they are available as and when they are needed. The Recovery Register holds the skills and expertise of experienced people across most business disciplines and who are available on an interim or contracted basis to provide proven and instant expertise in restructuring and reshaping, business recovery and operations in the new environment.

Access to such experience and business skills on an interim or contract basis will remove resource and cost issues for many businesses and be a key facilitator of business recovery planning and activity as they transition from survival mode back to full market engagement.

Professional Contracting proved itself an essential tool for recovery. We, and businesses, learned then the real value of having specialist skill and experience immediately on hand to drive recovery. In many cases, that type of resource had previously been let go or had become too cumbersome to quickly get back.

In these circumstances contractors are a low cost, low commitment but high value option for businesses. They help to provide certainty and greater options to companies and often come with a huge input of cross-company and sector experience.

When the world changes, particularly as rapidly as has happened now, companies often need new or different sets of skills to recognise and adapt to the new market they are facing.

Response to the establishment of the Recovery Register has been phenomenal. In the short time of establishment, more than 300 individual registrations have taken place, offering specific business skills. This could clearly be one of the biggest pools of expertise available in New Zealand, ready and waiting to assist the recovery.

Just contact any of the Team under our contact page for further information.

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